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Acherontas - Amenti - New Album to be released at Summer Solstice 2013

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We are pleased to proclaim that one of Greeks leading Black Metal Bands joined the ranks of the World Terror Committee. Acherontas currently began the recordings for the follow up of their latest full length album “Vamachara”,which was unleashed upon the masses in 2011 via Agonia Records.
Like previously announced via the Band’s Facebook page (Acherontas @ facebook), the approximately one hour longing album will feature guest appearances / collaborations with following artists:  Naas Alcameth /Nightbringer, Henry Möller from Arditi & Puissance, Jhon Longshaw (Black Seas of Infinity) and Edgar Kerval from Emme Ya. Having nothing but faith in Acherontas we expect “Amenti” to become a sinister masterpiece. The release of “Amenti” as CD,DLP & Tape is scheduled for Summer Solstice 2013.
See here the previously announced statement by the Band:
Acherontas New Album & New Label:

We are Proud to Announce that Our Coven From now belongs in the Brotherhood of W.T.C(World Terror Committee) Records.A Major & Cult Label that respects the Art of Black Metal and stands for the True meaning of what this Unique Art Represents.But most Important a Label that was Built from True Individuals and Activists in Scene to Support a Philosophy and Not a Business.The new Opus of Acherontas Coven Baptized In Blood and Fire and is called “Amenti”(catacomb's Chants & Oneiric Manifestations).Almost One Hour of Meditative Spiritual Art To Raise the Potential of Many to Cross and For few to Rise.
The album will be Out on Summer solstice of 2013 as We enter the halls of recordings in two weeks.Special Collaborations take place in this new Opus and I am in Great Honor to announce..: Naas Alcameth from the Eternal Horde of Nightbringer,Mr Henry Möller From the Respectful Legions of Arditi and Puissance,Mr Jhon Longshaw From the Magical Entity is called Black seas of Infinity & Mr Edgar Kerval from the Great Thelemic and Scarlet Energy Emme Ya.The Magical Circle Of Acherontas Coven Moves the Blood Wheels of Transformation For the Great work to be Unleashed.“The Gods have not returned. They have never left us.” Ezra Pound

The Tombs reverberate with echoes of a bygone Golden Age. The Temples of the True Gods, once a place of Worship, Power and Rebirth, now lay in ruins destroyed by savages, be they invading barbarians, followers of false idols or priests of modern superstitions called “Science” and “Skepticism”. It doesn’t matter if the footprints of the Gods are burned in an orgy of fire, dedicatedly erased from memory by “scholars” or shoved in a dusty shelf of a museum- the slaves of the iron age are certain that the Old Gods were buried under millennia of dirt, ground and stone. But during the Night the Old Gods still rule supreme and creeping into the dreams, as lamiae, vampires, manticores and other manifestations, remind the humankind of Their Presence.The collapse of modern political and financial systems, the growing social unrest, the dead end of the new religions combined with old prophesies and the progress of technology and quantum physics have created a vacuum in the heart and mind of humanity. With the majority of his crutches taken away, modern man is limp, lost and hopeless.The tension is now tangible, as the masses are waiting breathlessly for the next move on the chessboard of existence.
The time is now! The Old Gods, risen from the underworld of Amenti, are here.

May The winter Solstice Bless your Path..
...World Without End..
Hail Tiamat!
On behalf of the Band..
V.Priest Acherontas & V.A. Kadmos/Tiphareth

We Enter the Halls of Studio in 12 Days for The Upcoming High Work Of "Amenti" Album.

The Line Up that will Perform and Act in this Magical Work is:

Acherontas V.Priest Guitars,Vocals,Lyrics
Saevus Guitars and Lyrics
Gionata Potenti will perform the drums
Edgar kerval from Emme Ya, Rituals Invocations and texts
Jhon Longshaw From Black Seas Of Infinity,Texts and Lyrics
Scorpios Androctonus Lyrics,chants and Rituals
Henry Möller From Arditi &Puissance Intros/Outros
alephallos LXI From Embrace of Thorns the Bass Lines
Tiphareth Philosophy
Naas Alcameth From Nightbringer Lead Guitars.
Paintings for the layout/Artwork By Nestor Avalos.

Acherontas Coven Basic Line up is:
Acherontas V.Priest
Saevus H.
Scorpios Androctonus
Gionata Potenti

We are proud For these Choosen Indivinduals to Manifest their Shadowside in Our Hidden work and Praise this Alchemical Exaultion in Fire.