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Acherontas - Arditi - Shibalba - Puissance - Pylons of the Adversary - Digipak CD - OUT NOW!

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W.T.C.Productions proudly presents "Pylons of the Adversary",
a Split Album with exclusive contributions of Acherontas,Arditi,
Shibalba & Puissance.

Comes as 6 panel Digipak CD,
with a Gatefold LP
version to follow in the near future.

Layout by Brian VDP.

01.Acherontas - Architect Of The Astral

02.Acherontas - The Crescent Pillars Of Daath

03.Acherontas - Shevirah

04.Arditi - Sanctum Regnum

05.Arditi - Empire Of Royal Blood

06.Shibalba - Κατοπτρον

07.Puissance - Nox

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"Pylons of the Adversary":