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Darkmoon Warrior - Crown of snakes Digi CD

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German Black Metal Command Darkmoon Warrior returned from a successful Gig at this years edition of the “Under the black Sun” Festival and as previously announced, the debut album “Crown of snakes” is available as of now! The album holds 52 minutes of diversified but traditional Black Metal and comes as a Digi CD, incl. Booklet.

The track list of “Crown of snakes” looks as follows, you can check out the below mentioned myspace site of the band, for a Sample:

+ Hunter of the sun
+ On the wings of the ancient
+ Crown of snakes
+ Soul Tomb
+ Toi Hekunra
+ Gräber
+ Condition Black
Darkmoon Warrior Website
DMW Myspace Site

Darkmoon Warrior Discography

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+ "After the final holocaust" - rehearsal tape (selfreleased 1999)

+ "Son of Loki" - rehearsal tape (selfreleased 2001)

+ "We walk the infernal path" - 4way split CD with ETERNITY, LUROR, S.T.M.S. (W.T.C. 2003)

+ "Hic gaudet mors..." - Tape (Ancient Spirit Terror 2006)

+ "In fundis inferiorum" - CD (Obscure Abhorrence 2006) - LP (Tales from the crypt 2006)

+ "Finnish - German - Alliance" - Vinyl-sampler incl. excl. track (W.T.C. - 2008)

+ "Crown of snakes" - CD (W.T.C. - 2009)