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Darkmoon Warrior - Nuke Em All - CD & LP - OUT NOW!

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Darkmoon Warrior - Nuke 'Em All - CD & LP

All too appropriately titled, Nuke 'Em All marks the first DARKMOON WARRIOR album in nearly five years, and is their third to date. With a robust and rounded production, DARKMOON WARRIOR's new album continues the German tradition of dense, atmospheric black metal that they helped create in the first place, here with more variation and even more violence. At times vile and thrashing, other times hideous and hypnotic, Nuke 'Em All is a winding journey through arcane secrets, moonlit rituals, and blasphemous hatred. None shall be standing after DARKMOON WARRIOR Nuke 'Em All... (N.T.B)

"Nuke 'Em All" is available as Jewelcase CD & LP.The LP comes with a thick
cardboard LP sleeve,printed innersleeve & all copies with grey vinyl.


1.Fuck Off
3.The Call
4.Black Tongues And Rusty Nails
5.Nuke 'em All
6.Storm Of Feces
7.Waves Of Salvation
8.Soul On Fire