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Devathorn - VRITRA - TBR in 2014

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W.T.C.Productions proudly welcome Devathorn from Greece to the label's roster.
The Band's second full length album named "Vritra" will be released as
CD & DLP at some point in 2014.More details will follow in due time.

Devathorn released following statement in regard to the upcoming album,
their collaborators etc.:

The Sulphur Dragon ascends from the pits lispering fiery Verses.
His name is carved upon the forthcoming Opus of the Circle.


We fill our lungs with fire and declare the glorious cooperation of Devathorn and
World Terror Committee Productions, upon the release of the second full length
Opus of the Circle.

Let thy Flame Ascend! Let the Dragon Encircle the World!

Eleven mantras are carved upon His scales, emitting poisonous vibrations.

I. Veritas Universalis
II. Doctrina Fide
III. Cathedral of Set
IV. Ars Diaboli
V. Cantibus Ad Messorem, Sanctus Mors
VI. Principes of Chaos
VII. Sapphires of Vritra
VIII. Verba Inermis
IX. The Venomous Advent
X. Promethean Descent
XI. Draco Adligat Mundi

We are proud to announce the tremendous participations on this
manifestation of Coiling Serpents.

Acherontas V.Priest of Acherontas on serpental chants and summerian astral mantras,
Ambduscias of Temple of Baal on lead guitar evocations,
Chiva of Serpent Noir and Monk Adramelekh on Draconian invocating chants,
Temple of Algolagnia on vibrating ambient tracks,
Denwar of Chthonian Alchemy on Promethean choir,
and K.K. of Mother of Millions on lucid acoustic pulses.

Mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios.
Recorded and mixed at Incorporated M. Studios.

Cover Artwork and layout envisioned by D.R. and Holy Poison Design ,
the beast named Arioch/Mortuus of Marduk/Funeral Mist.

''Portals To Vritra'' design by Qras of mentalporn.

This Opus of Madness bearing the name of ''VRITRA'' shall be unleashed
by World Terror Committe in CD and LP format upon the mundane plane
within MMXIV. Aural testimonies of the Opus shall soon be revealed.

Salve Ars Sinistra, Ars Gratia Draconis!

Devathorn MMXIV.

Devathorn @ Facebook
Devathorn @ Bandcamp