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Flagellant - Maledictum - Release date: 01.03.2013

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Flagellant - Maledictum
01.03.2013 will see the CD release of Flagellant's second full length album "Maledictum".
Musically "Maledictum" is easily following up where the Bands well received debut album
"Monuments" stopped, delivering sinister Swedish Black Metal.Check out the sample of the albums first track "
From The Abyss They Shine" further down to get an impression.
The vinyl version will follow at a later point in 2013.


1.From The Abyss They Shine
2.Towers Of Silence
3.Necromantic Revelations
4.Domini Canes
5.A Rebirth In Sterility
6.Horned Shadows Rise
7.Rousing The Serpent
8.Thirteen Cauldrons Boil

Playing time: 53:36 minutes