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Ascension - With burning tongues MC

We hereby proudly present, the already earlier announced debut demo of Ascension,
named “With burning tongues”. One can say that nearly everything is already said,
written and recorded at least once, when it comes to Black Metal. But still you
can differ between Bands who are into it, because it fits their musical tastes
and those who are truly driven by most sinister urges.” With Burning Tongues” is
without any doubt one of the best demo’s in ages, be it sound or music wise.
So, if you are able to recognize a world behind this artificial, spiritual
wasteland - “With Burning Tongues” is for you!

"As darkness lays it's grip around the heart of the world so tight, and fears
enter the dreams of the infants, with dragonfire in our hearts, we start our
walk into the night."

Check out two samples here:

This cassette is completely professional manufactured.


01. Sin Harvest
02. With Burning Tongues
03. Grey Queen
04. Coldblooded Grace
05. The Serpents Gate.

Playing time: 45:32 minutes