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Limbonic Art – Phantasmagoria Gatefold Double LP OUT NOW!

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Limbonic Art – Phantasmagoria Gatefold Double LP
(B&E Productions, under license by Candlelight Records)

Blut&Eisen Productions proudly presents the vinyl version of Limbonic Art’s new album “Phantasmagoria”, recently released as CD on Candlelight Records.

Formed in 1993, LIMBONIC ART for a short time existed as a four-member project. It wasn't until inventor Daemon met up with local musician Morfeus, however, that the true nucleus and unconventional concept of the band was found. With the duo thus sorting all areas of what most would consider a "normal" band relationship, Daemon and Morfeus completed a four-track rehearsal tape that would merely hint at the band's distinctive take on symphonic Black Metal. Fastward to 1996 and shortly after hearing the band's only recorded material; Nocturnal Art Productions owner Samoth (of Emperor fame) instantly offered Limbonic Art a recording deal. That autumn the band's much-revered debut, “Moon in the Scorpio”, was recorded and later released.
“In Abhorrence Dementia” (1997), “Epitome of Illusions” (1998) “Ad Noctum/Dynasty of Death” (1999) two collectable box sets (2000 and 2001 respectively, Hammerheart Records) “The Ultimate Death Worship” (2002) followed, finding the band further widespread acclaim. Touring, festival appearances, including their headline (and US debut) at the 2001 Milwaukee Metal Fest, as well as outside interests (Zyklon, Dimension F3H, etc) kept the duo amassed in creative outpourings through the early millennium. After 2002’s “The Ultimate Death Worship”, the band broke up. Since the departure the two members have been active on different fronts, Daemon with his black-thrash metal band Sarcoma Inc and Revolt, and Morfeus with Dimension F3H, both releasing full-length albums. 06.06.06 the two members, Daemon and Morfeus, decided to bring back the dark powerful entity LIMBONIC ART. The comeback album “Legacy of Evil” was released worldwide in the fall of 2007 and was a successful return. Now in 2010, LIMBONIC ART returns as a one piece, only with original member Daemon, as the one and only song-writer and craftsman behind the entity. LIMBONIC ART returns with arguably their pre-eminent opus "Phantasmagoria". A true masterpiece of Wagnerian Black Metal art!
The Daemonic Era is here, your ride now awaits!

- Vinyl details -

- Thick cardboard Gatefold cover
- printed inner sleeves
- 180 gr. Vinyl
- limited to 500 copies (100 x green,400 x black vinyl)

- Tracklisting -

1.Prologue/ Phantasmagoria       
2.Crypt of Bereavement   
3.Curse of the Necromancer       
4.Portal to the Unknown       
5.Dark Winds   
6.A World in Pandemonium       
7.Flight of the Minds Eye       
8.Apocalyptic Manifestation       
9.Prophetic Dreams       
10.The Burning Vortex   
11.A Black Sphere of Serenity   
12.Astral Projection   

Total playing time 71:02 minutes

Check out samples here:

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