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Luror - Cease to Live LP / Pic LP

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Luror - Cease to Live LP / Pic LP

The vinyl version of the latest Luror full length album comes in an excellent looking LP sleeve (thick cardboard with embossing and special laminations on the front + backside),
printed inner sleeve and heavy coloured vinyl. Furthermore there is a lim. Pic LP
(incl. LP sleeve etc.) and a version in black vinyl (lim.111 copies) available.

If you haven’t heard Luror yet, check out this sample (from the unmixed version though): 


Track list:

1. Through Cruelty to Illumination   
2. A Bleak Sun Enlightens Me   
3. Cease to Live   
4. A Symptom of Evil   
5...of Good Will   
6. Boundaries of Evil   
7. Already Dead       
8. Mephisto (Vinyl Bonus)