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Morte Incandescente - ...Relembrando Um Túmulo Esquecido CD - OUT NOW!

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Morte Incandescente - ...Relembrando Um Túmulo Esquecido CD
The Terror Committee is proud to announce the release of
"...Relembrando Um Túmulo Esquecido", Morte Incandescente's
3rd full length album. The album contains 9 songs which should
satisfy all those who are still looking for wild, raw and
thoroughly devilish tunes.There is definitely nothing nice
about this, everything you can expect is
Pure Satanic Black Skull Crushing Metal!!!

3 Songs from the new album, namely "De Relâmpagos E Suspiros",
"Necromaniaco" and  " Fuga Constante" can be listened to,
at the official myspace site of the Band:

Morte Incandescente - Myspace

Track list

1.Fuga Constante       
2.Cobrindo Os Céus De Sangue       
3.De Relâmpagos E Suspiros       
5.Caixão De Velhas Memórias       
6.Renegada Existência       
7.UM Dia Entre Luas       
8.Tumultuosa Entidade       
9.Velhos Vultos