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Nefandus - The Nightwinds Carried Our Names LP

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Side A

1. Intro/Secula Delenda
2. Fire Be My Name
3. The Wisdom Within
4. Through Tranquillity And Into The Storms
5. Att Fira Jesu Död
6. For Each Pare Of Horns

Side B

7. From Beyond The Gates
8. At The Dawn Of A Black Existence
9. Deaths Beauty I Met
10. The Nightwinds Carried Our Names
11. Outro/We Enlightened The Flames
Recorded at Nefandus Studios during April anno 1996. The horrible sound is the work of Devo Andersson. All lyrics written by Michayah. 80% of the music was written by Michayah, the rest by Tony. The drums are performed by Michayah, the vocals and guitars by Tony and the bass by Ushatar, who was fired from the band months before Secula Delends released the original version of the album. Michayah dedicates this LP to himself, and prays for the death of everyone... Michayah is nowadays more known for his work with OFERMOD.
12" Gatefold Cover + Heavy Vinyl First hundred copies are golden coloured, the other 400 copies are black.