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Orcustus - Orcustus - LP - Out Now!

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Orcustus - Orcustus - LP
We proudly present the limited (500 copies) vinyl version of the same titled full length album by Orcustus from Norway,featuring current and ex members from Gehenna,Gorgoroth,Amok etc.

Vinyl details

- Gatefold cover with UV gloss spot varnish,thick cardboard
- printed innersleeve
- 8 pages,A4 sized Booklet
- Poster

Track list
2.Of Sophistry, Obsession and Paranoia
4.Jesus Christ Patricide    
5.Death and Dissolution
6.Ego Sum Chaos    

Total playing time: 41:43 minutes

Orcustus Biography

Orcustus was formed in Bergen Norway early in 2002 by Taipan, Dirge Rep, Infernus and Tormentor.After months trying to come up with a fitting band name, Dirge Rep suggested Orcustus. With approval from the name’s rightful owner, Bård “Faust” Eithun, who published an underground fanzine with the same name in the early 90’s, the search was over. The word Orcustus means the inner circle of Hell, where Lucifer resides on his throne.

In the summer of that same year the band began rehearsing three tracks that was to become the “Demo 2002.”These tracks were already written by Taipan for his former band Abattoir between the years 1998-2000.The demo was recorded in the autumn of 2002 and released early in 2003 in 1000 copies.

This release led to a deal with the American label Southern Lord Recordings and later that year they released two tracks from the “Demo 2002” as the “World Dirtnap” 7” EP.
Work for their debut album began.

Teloch entered the band in 2004 and he contributed with the track “Grin of Deceit” for the “Wrathrash” 7” EP,released in 2005. The title track was written in 1998 by Taipan, also for his former band.A track called “I Satans Virke” was also recorded in that session for a split 7” EP with the Norwegian band Daudur due out on Worship Him Records in 2009.Teloch’s time with Orcustus ended in 2006.

After five years in the making, the recording of “Orcustus” began in the spring of 2007.
The recording and mixing of the album was completed in June of 2008.

During the recording process inner and outer adversity was taking its toll and it
was decided to give the band a coup de grâce upon the album’s completion.

However; in the last week of 2008, Dirge Rep and Taipan decided to pick up the
pieces in order to ressurect Orcustus from its short dirtnap.


Dirge Rep: Drums
Taipan: Vocals, guitars & bass

Former members:

Infernus: Bass
Tormentor: Guitars
Teloch: Guitars


Demo 2002 CD (Self-release) 2003
World Dirtnap 7” EP (Southern Lord Recordings) 2003
Wrathrash 7” EP (Southern Lord Recordings) 2005
Orcustus CD (Southern Lord Recordings) 2009
Orcustus/Daudur split EP (Worship Him Records) 2012
Orcustus LP (W.T.C. Productions,under license of Southern Lord Recordings)