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OUT NOW!!! Nyktalgia LP,Prevalent Resistance LP,Myrkgraverk EP

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Following releases are out now:


Nyktalgia – Peisithanatos Gatefold LP (Blut&Eisen Prod.)


Finally we can present the long awaited Vinyl version of this excellent album. The music shouldn’t need any further introduction, as the band already managed to make themselves a name in the international Black Metal movement. If needed, here is a possibility to check out some songs by Nyktalgia:




LP details:


- Full coloured gatefold sleeve (thick cardboard) with embossing and silver foil

- printed innersleeve

- 180 gr. Vinyl (black)

- A2 Poster



1. Nyktalgia    

2. Nekrolog    

3. Peisithanatos           

4. Pavor Nocturnus     


Playing time: 43:20 min



Prevalent Resistance - To Live Again and Dominate LP (B&E Prod/W.T.C Prod.)


After some delays we can present the vinyl version of Prevalent Resistance second full length album “To Live Again and Dominate”. Those who are into finish Black Metal like e.g. Baptism, Sargeist etc., cant do anything wrong with this very good album.


Check out one song ("Burning Insemination")here: www.w-t-c.org


LP details:


- full coloured LP sleeve (thick cardboard)

- printed innersleeve

- 180 gr. Vinyl (black)


The regular version (black vinyl) is limited to 300 copies.




1. Burning Insemination

2. The Gates Stand Shut         

3. Striving for Command         

4. Forever the Pale Flame Burns         

5. Moonlight Soul Arise          


Total playing time: 39:49 min



Myrkgraverk – Nordvegen Gatefold EP (Blut&Eisen Prod.)


Myrkgraverk are most probably still an unknown name to most people, but this could change very quickly. Check out the samples on the following site and recognize that Norwegian Black Metal isn’t totally lost: 




The regular version is limited to 500 copies.



- Col. Gatefold cover(thick cardboard) with embossing

- Heavy black Vinyl




Seite A: Nordvegen

Seite B: Transataumanti


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