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Sargeist – Let the devil in LP - OUT NOW!

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Sargeist – Let the devil in LP

With their latest full lenght album "Let the devil in", Sargeist are proving once more that they belong to Finland's strongest forces when it comes to Black Metal.Therefore we are proud to present the limited vinyl version of “Let the devil in”.

- Vinyl details -

- Thick cardboard cover
- printed inner sleeve
- 180 gr. Vinyl
- 555 copies in black vinyl
- 111 copies in red vinyl

- Tracklist –

I - Empire of Suffering
II - A Spell to Awaken the Temple
III - From the Black Coffin Lair
IV - Burning Voice of Adoration
V - Nocturnal Revelation
VI - Discovering the Enshrouded Eye
VII - Let the Devil In
VIII - Sanguine Rituals
IX - Twilight Breath of Satan
X - As Darkness Tears the World Apart

Total playing time - 46:45 minutes