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Tortorum - Extinctionist - DigiCD - OUT NOW!

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Tortorum - Extinctionist - DigiCD

We proudly announce the release of Tortorum’s debut album "Extionctionist".
Hailing from Norway Tortorum were formed in 2010 by guitarist Skyggen (ex-Thunderbolt,
also guitar in Dead To This World & live guitar in Gorgoroth).A few months after recording an instrumental demo, Barghest also known from UK’s Black Death Metal command Spearhead joined the Band as vocalist.

In May 2011, Tortorum entered Conclave Studio in Bergen to record their debut album entitled "Extinctionist",  containing 9 hymns of furious and savage Black Metal. The recording line up consisted of Skyggen, recording all guitars, Barghest - vocals and Erik (session drums, ex-Aeternus, ex-Gorgoroth) taking care of artillery.

Track list

02.In Pestilence Majesty
03.Grace of Hatred
04.All Mercy Devoured
05.Kindling The World Conflagration
06.Fucking Worthless
07.Gloria In Extinction
08.Mother Infirmity
09.For The Ruin of All

Running time: 44:16 minutes

Tortorum @ Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/Tortorum
Tortorum @ MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/tortorumdamnation
Tortorum - All Mercy Devoured by W.T.C. Productions Tortorum - Mother Infirmity by W.T.C. Productions