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Wolfsmond – III – CD / Digi CD - OUT NOW!

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Wolfsmond – III – CD / Digi CD

Already recorded in October 2008 it took more than a year to finalize the work on Wolfsmond’s third full length album “III”, but malicious things come to those who wait.
So, I will spare my breath to describe this album any further and simply announce the release of this composed displeasure instead.

Samples of the songs “Wolfsmond” and “Dort unten” can be heard here:

Wolfsmond Myspace site

Available as jewel case and a lim. Digi CD (the Digi CD in addition holds a supplementary sheet with English translations of the lyrics) version. The musical content is the same for both formats.

Track list

1. Wolfsmond
2. Ein Abgrund
3. Verlockung
4. Ergraut
5. Dort unten
6. Trübschimmer
7. Fressfeind
8. Entmenschlicht
9. Nachtangst